How to carve stone How I carve stone
This is roughly how I do some figures, each stone is different and may require
different approaches or technique, this is one way I use.

These first 2 are what the stone looked like before I did anything
and I was still trying to decide just what I would do. Once I have an idea as to
what I am going to do I make a few shallow cuts, as marks, or guides,

After I have made the cuts, and if I am certain,then I make them deeper
also drill some holes, if needed. Then I chip out the biggest pieces I can with a chisle.

As you can see, now it is taking on a shape, the idea is easier to imagine now.
, The die grinder , and this home made burr is what I use the most to cut and shape
or take off the excess stone, this type of stone,onyx, breaks to easy and very little can be
done with the chisle,or by chipping, it will break.

I welded this cutting disk, to the base, so as to have a "flush cut" type cutting disk.
For larger pieces, I use a grinding cup,and the angle grinder.

I make most of my burrs for the die grinder, or use sintered burrs, I have not been able to find any
commercially factory made burrs, that are very good, nor last long, the ones I make are for "high removal",
I use the old used teeth, taken off of the large slab cutting blades, that we use to cut slabs, they are diamond, the entire "tooth" has diamond
chips embedded in it, it can be used until it completely wears out,..but we take the used ones off, and put (weld) on new ones,
before they completely wear out, to avoid damageing the core,(disk)