This is something I just started, the following photos are to show how it developes. It will be a "angel" of sorts, my thoughts are Michael, the Arch Angel,..

The stone , First I had to find a stone, some time back, I was thinking " God,help me decide or find a stone for a project,and a idea,please.", So later,I noticed this stone, on one side of the shop, just laying there. I looked at it and I knew that would be the stone.

This is the rock, it was several weeks later when today I was asking God to help me decide what to make, "remember the stone,back on the side of the shop, go get it", was the response I got, so I got it,..


"Study,and look at it very careful, you will see what it should be,or has inside waiting to be "released",

So I did, I put it up on the work table and studied it, then I knew what it should be,what was inside.

I am very inspired and excited about this piece, I do not think it will be sold,that is not important. It is something special to me, and I already like it, but it is going to be something I really like when it is finished,and really enjoy working on. I find I feel a lot of peace and joy,contentment while I am working on it, also looking at it. Usually this kind of piece, my wife ends up keeping. But anyway, I do want to share it with the public and keep it where the public can see it. At this point though it is pure inspiration, I want to make it, and it will be beautiful, and I will be happy with it. I am just thankful and happy for the opportunity to be able to make it, and thank God for giving me the opportunity.

Here is some more, as progress with this: